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About GLS

Global Language Services "GLS" is a networked global communication enterprise. GLS is in business since 1986, and started from Saudi Arabia, providing seamless solutions of language, communication, training, law and accounting. GLS professionals take pride in more than thirty years of meticulously serving the global market, including government agencies and departments, UN organizations, diplomatic missions, defense, oil and gas, petrochemical, health care, and pharmaceutical companies, commercial banks, legal firms, consultancies, NGOs and individuals. GLS professional sare translators, interpreters, editors, teachers, engineers, facilitators, legal advisors, public accountants, and designers. GLS is ISO 9001-2000 and EN 15038-2006 certified. GLS received recognition from loyal clients, including USCC, DTRA, USMTM, DEA, and Saudi MOI, MOFA, MOTI, MOL, SACTA, SAGIA, CSC, among others.

GLS vision is to be a leading service provider in the increasingly multicultural and multilingual environments. GLS mission is to improve global communication between individuals, cultures, businesses, organizations, and countries through quality, accurate, meaningful, consistent, and attractive language, training, legal and accounting services. GLS values include integrity, building trust, creating innovation, assuring quality, professionalism, open dialogue, respect of diversity, confidentiality of client's information, environmental protection, social responsibility, and heartily care for GLS client needs and wants.

GLS provides a wide range of language services with quality, accuracy, and speed. GLS does professional written translation services that cover the following genres: IT, communications, defense, legal, medical, economic, banking, engineering, technical, scientific, and diplomatic documents, in addition to, management, marketing, and website localization. GLS also offers consecutive and simultaneous interpretations, sound, lighting and interpretation equipment rental, proofreading, editing, transcreation, DTP, transcription, subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, content writing, copy writing, cultural and marketing consultancy, management training, legal advice, accounting, and product development services.

GLS main language services come in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. GLS serves other languages based on linguistic availability. GLS can provide in-house professional translators, interpreters, editors, copywriters, content-writers, attorneys, and accountants to GLS clients on contract and part-time basis. GLS takes extreme care for the confidentiality of GLS clients' information. GLS occasionally hire the services of freelance professionals who are qualified, experienced, and passed through GLS rigorous quality assurance procedures.

GLS promise is that you will get more value than the service charges you pay, and you will have an amazing unforgettable client experience.

GLS Services


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Why Choose GLS?

Creative talent, long technical expertise and relevant qualification

  • All of GLS in-house and freelance professionals go through GLS accreditation process.
  • GLS has a stringent quality management process in place to ensure persistently that GLS services meet the highest professional standards.
  • GLS pays special attention to linguistic and cultural nuances.
  • Best combination of quality, time and rate, that gives optimal value for money.
  • Relevance, accuracy, coherence, deep industrial experience, long technical expertise, innovation, flexibility, meeting deadlines, and focus on client satisfaction.
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