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Proofreading, editing & transcreation

GLS team of linguists is approved native language writers, translators, proofreaders and editors ensuring that GLS translation, role-playing transcripts,

GLS Services


GLS does professional content, e-learning, and audiovisual translationsthat cover the following genr.. [...]

Interpretation and A/V equipment

GLS provides chuchotage, over-the-phone, on-site, call-centers, and court, consecutive and simultane.. [...]


Arabic is the fourth language in terms of native speaking population worldwide. Learning Arabic lang.. [...]

Why Choose GLS?

Creative talent, long technical expertise and relevant qualification

  • All of GLS in-house and freelance professionals go through GLS accreditation process.
  • GLS has a stringent quality management process in place to ensure persistently that GLS services meet the highest professional standards.
  • GLS pays special attention to linguistic and cultural nuances.
  • Best combination of quality, time and rate, that gives optimal value for money.
  • Relevance, accuracy, coherence, deep industrial experience, long technical expertise, innovation, flexibility, meeting deadlines, and focus on client satisfaction.
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